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    DEMENTIA VENTURES SOUND BYTES SERIES Hub Community Action That Builds Capacity The Dementia Ventures project empowers Hub Partners to build out inclusive community programming for all and adapt to include people living with dementia. They and their care partners want to remain socially engaged in meaningful activities. A collaboration with UBC’s Dr. Alison Phinney and her Building Capacity team offers financial, strategic and logistical resources so programs can welcome and support those with dementia and their care partners. We celebrated midway in this initiative with a series of vibrant online community dialogues. The theme was: “What it means to be an accepting and inclusive community.” SoundBytes wants to share wisdom from those dialogues. Here are our first nuggets. There will be many more! NEW PERSPECTIVES Shifting the conversation on dementia involves recognizing its gifts. Out of gallery Watch Full Event HERE Follow us @westsideseniorshub BEACON *Shining Light on Dementia An Initiative to build an inclusive congregation at Pacific Spirit United Church. Out of gallery Watch Full Event HERE Follow us @westsideseniorshub LET'S TALK ABOUT DEMENTIA: THE FLIPPING STIGMA TOOLKIT The CIHR Action Group came together and developed a toolkit to start a conversation about stigma and discrimination in dementia. Out of gallery Follow us @westsideseniorshub LET'S TALK ABOUT DEMENTIA: THE FLIPPING STIGMA TOOLKIT The CIHR Action Group came together and developed a toolkit to start a conversation about stigma and discrimination in dementia. Out of gallery Follow us @westsideseniorshub LET'S TALK ABOUT DEMENTIA: THE FLIPPING STIGMA TOOLKIT The CIHR Action Group came together and developed a toolkit to start a conversation about stigma and discrimination in dementia. Out of gallery Follow us @westsideseniorshub POETRY On the value of art in supporting the dementia journey... Out of gallery SUZUKI ELDERS On the value of art in supporting the dementia journey... Out of gallery

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    DEMENTIA VENTURES CURRENT HUB PARTNERS' PROJECTS Dementia Ventures i s a commitment by the Westside Seniors Hub Partner Organizations to offer diverse activities for people living with dementia and their care partners. These activities are designed to: reduce stigma sustain quality of life ​ The projects listed below are partially funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada via the Building Capacity for Meaningful Participation by People Living with Dementia umbrella project. Current Hub Partner project planning began in early 2020 and is evolving all the time! ​ For more information, click on a category below to learn more, or click on a Partner's name for their contact information. ​ COMMUNITY CONVERSATIONS Hub Partners want to foster more inclusive communities. They engage a wide range of community members in plans and conversations to build and change programs, and increase awareness. ​ These Partners are currently working on projects to achieve those objectives. If you can participate in their projects, please click on the Partner's name and contact them directly. ​ Kitsilano Community Centre Association offers a variety of physical, social, and multicultural programming Community Needs Assessment Group that looks at how best to serve the neighbourhood ​ ​ West Point Grey United Church TLC (The Lunch Club) A program for seniors and people with dementia in the west side of Vancouver. A Four Part Series with educational component and group discussions. ​ Pacific Spirit United Church Congregation members at Pacific Spirit United Church created an insightful four-part series looking at dementia from a community perspective. It's called Beacon *shining light on Dementia and is available online. ​ PROGRAM PLANNING Hub Partners are adapting existing programs to be more inclusive and planning new programs. They appreciate having community members participate at every stage - planning, implementing and sustaining - to build community capacity. If you can participate at any stage of program planning or implementation, please click on the name of a Hub Partner below for their project description and contact them directly. ​ A.S.K. Friendship Centre develop programs & design space purchase art supplies to diversify programs ​ Dunbar Residents Association identify assets & gaps in services for seniors adapt Salmonberry Days for inclusive programming ​ Kitsilano Neighbourhood House promote dementia awareness engage Business Improvement Areas (BIA) in a series of dialogues ​ South Granville Seniors Centre Story of their Happy Memories Café ​ Collaborative Project - Fireweed Club helping provide transportation to bring participants to outdoor events. great opportunities to connect with the larger community and build new connections with people living with dementia in the community. summer schedule of activities in Vancouver's westside parks and plazas coming soon here DISCOVERING COMMUNITY ASSETS These projects focus on identifying community members and services that can help build capacity to offer meaningful opportunities and adapt existing services to be more inclusive. ​ If you can participate in building capacity, please click on the Hub Partner's name for their contact them directly. ​ The Building Capacity Project - Dementia Ventures Offers engaging programs in order to help organizations make existing offerings more inclusive. Informs future policies and priorities in community and health settings for dementia inclusive communities. ​ Westside Seniors Hub - Transportation Initiative Model Programs that explore van-sharing and public transit challenges and solutions for seniors. ​ Westside Seniors Hub Develop a website to showcase Partners' projects and opportunities to get involved Invite diverse community members to become involved ​

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    DEMENTIA VENTURES THE FIREWEED CLUB The Fireweed Club is a collaborative project bringing a variety of free outdoor activities to seniors on the westside . These activities are open to any seniors who want to stay active, socialize and build relationships. People living with memory loss or other invisible challenges are welcome to come by themselves or to bring their friends and care partners. A detailed schedule of activities is coming here soon! ​ The schedule will indicate where to meet for the planned activities on specific dates. Just attend any activities that appeal to you, wear sun protection, and bring plenty of water to drink. Details about activities will be available soon, but you can anticipate seeing action at these locations. ​ Tuesdays in June, July and August 1:00-3:00pm Sponsored by Dunbar Residents Association Balaclava Park -- W 29th Ave at Balaclava Street (Pollinator Garden) Field trips (to be confirmed, 1st Friday of the month, depending on transportation, to visit community gardens around the City and neighbouring municipalities ) ​ Wednesdays in July and August 1:00-3:00pm Sponsored by Kitsilano Neighbourhood House Connaught park -- W 10th Ave between Vine & Larch Streets Plaza at W 4th Avenue (south side) and Maple Street Plaza at W Broadway (north side) and Bayswater (east side) Field trips (to be confirmed, depending on transportation) Fridays in July and August 1:00-3:00pm Sponsored by South Granville Seniors Centre Granville Park – W 14th Ave between Fir and Pine Streets Plaza W 13th Ave and Granville Street Plaza W 14th Ave and Granville Street ​

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    DEMENTIA VENTURES ​ TOOLS FOR ENGAGEMENT ​ ​ Stakeholders everywhere in our society can foster resilience in loved ones who are experiencing cognitive difficulties. Everyone strives for social inclusion and recognition of their personhood, and people living with dementia and their caregivers are no exceptions. WHAT IS THE RECIPE FOR SUCCESS IN FOSTERING RESILIENCE? ​ Dementia Ventures aims to reach a broad range of stakeholders and provide community organizations with tools to engage effectively with people experiencing cognitive challenges. Let’s give them more opportunities! And how? Let the voices and experience of loved ones living with dementia inform the planning of meaningful activities that bring joy to everyone involved! You will find some amazing tools below to help you engage and make a difference. Powerful Words & Approaches Concise Rationales for Change Meaningful Engagement POWERFUL WORDS & APPROACHES Practice Tools & Factsheets (I-CAARE) A Quick Guide To: Approaches ; PIECES of My Relationships (Guidelines, Questions, Family Supplement); Medicine Wheel: Preventing Dementia in Indigenous People by Aging Well ; The Pathway of Dementia Person-centered Language Guidelines Alzheimer Society of Canada “By being more conscious of the language we use, we can avoid reducing individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias to a series of labels, symptoms or medical terms.” Dementia & the Media Dementia Alliance International Organizational philosophy:”Nothing about us, without us.” Approach conversations with and about people living with dementia using respectful language that does not stigmatize and demean. CONCISE RATIONALES FOR CHANGE Why Arts-based Activities? Westside Seniors Hub, Vancouver, BC Rationale for social engagement through the arts, credible evidence, and links to model programs that demonstrate how arts-based creative activities can have profound impacts on people at every stage of the dementia trajectory. Flipping Stigma on Its Ear Toolkit Taking Action Against Stigma and Discrimination Associated With Dementia University of British Columbia, CIHR Action Research Project “The purpose of this toolkit is to recognize and respond to this stigma and discrimination…designed by people with dementia to help others – including other people living with dementia, service providers, physicians, family members and friends – to address the challenges of stigma and discrimination.” Hear from the experts who live with dementia – what they experience, how they respond to stigma and discrimination as advocates for themselves and others, how they build skills and competence. Powerful tools from people living with dementia with more being developed for support persons and researchers. What is the Building Capacity Project all about? Westside Seniors Hub, Vancouver, BC MEANINGFUL ENGAGEMENT Meaningful Engagement: A Resource Guide (Alzheimer Society of Canada) “A Resource Guide for staff and leadership volunteers …to foster relationship building between staff and leadership volunteers and people with dementia…improve the experience of meaningful engagement for both the organization and the person with dementia…build capacity within organizations to collaboratively address the needs of persons with dementia.” Tipsheet for accessibility & equity in online engagement during COVID-19 MJ Wosk Centre for Dialogue, SFU, Burnaby, BC “It is important to consider how community members’ identities and experiences may impact their ability to learn about, access or participate safely in an engagement—and tailor plans to suit diverse needs.” Beyond Inclusion: Equity in Public Engagement MJ Wosk Centre for Dialogue, SFU, Burnaby, BC “Hearing from people with diverse lived experiences leads to more innovative ideas, better decisions, greater public support of outcomes…This guide is designed for individuals sponsoring or planning public engagement initiatives that will inform decision-making...outlines some factors practitioners can reflect on when scoping and designing engagement processes.” Healthy Community Engagement Action Guide PlanH, BC Healthy Communities Featuring community examples, resources, strategies and other useful information, this guide helps local governments plan their community input process to ensure…equity-centred, inclusive community engagement…to create healthier, more accessible communities. Making Your Workplace Dementia Friendly Alzheimer Society of BC Specific resources for professionals who are in legal, financial, housing, and recreation professions … ”to understand and recognize the signs of dementia…communicate in an effective, respectful way…think about specific ways they can support a person with dementia in their work and how their workplace may become more dementia friendly.…know what resources are available to them and their customers or clients.” Busting Dementia Stigma: One Children's Book at a Time WA Dementia Action Collaborative “Are you a parent, teacher or librarian who wants to help build dementia awareness and challenge stigma? Children’s books can be a great tool! The criteria below can help you evaluate children’s books and select ones that carry a respectful, stigma-busting message.” Back to Resources - Dementia Ventures

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    WESTSIDE SENIORS HUB COLLECTIVE ACTION BY AND FOR SENIORS OUR MISSION To build a more responsive and resilient community for seniors on Vancouver’s Westside through the power of collective action. OUR KEY GOALS To identify and promote awareness of Westside seniors’ issues and priorities ​ To improve programs and services for seniors on the Westside through collective action by Hub Council, Hub Partner Organizations, and community organizations ​ To encourage seniors to become more engaged in their community WHAT IS THE HUB STRUCTURE? The Hub is comprised of Partner Organizations, a Hub Council, and action-oriented committees. PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS serve seniors on the Westside and have an interest in collaborating with others to support seniors in their community. They meet quarterly to share information about resources and assets, identify emerging issues, and collaborate on building a range of integrated services for seniors. They work with the Hub Council and serve on committees to act on identified issues and represent the Hub to the public and various constituencies. Partners include public entities, non-profits, and faith-based organizations that provide services for seniors. THE HUB COUNCIL is composed of several Westside volunteer seniors who have knowledge of seniors’ issues, experience working on action-oriented teams, and skills to work collaboratively with each other, Partner Organizations and community members. They meet monthly to identify priorities and direct movement towards collective action. THE COMMITTEES have representatives from the Council, Partner Organizations, and the community. They meet as needed to focus attention on particular issues or activities by sharing information, suggesting to the Council what approaches might work, and planning events. They act on behalf of seniors to bring attention to issues and gaps in services. Their work engages businesses, government agencies, non-profit agencies, and the public in moving towards a community where seniors can have their needs met and age well. WHAT CONSTITUTES THE WESTSIDE? We define the catchment area of the Westside Seniors Hub as: ​ West of Ontario Street, all the way to include UBC and the Endowment Lands ​ South of Cornwall Street and False Creek ​ North of Marine Drive ​ ​ Note that the catchment area does not include the downtown peninsula or Granville Island. ​ Partners whose office is outside our catchment area are welcome to join us if they are actively serving Westside seniors. HOW DID THE HUB EMERGE? The concept of a seniors hub first emerged through a 2009 research report entitled “Sustaining Seniors Programs through the Neighbourhood House Model,” which focused on opportunities for seniors at Kitsilano, Kiwassa & South Vancouver Neighbourhood Houses. ​ In 2010, South Vancouver Neighbourhood House received pilot funding from Vancouver Coastal Health – SmartFund, City of Vancouver, United Way, and the Vancouver Foundation to develop the South Vancouver Seniors Hub and produce an Implementation Plan and Seniors Hub Toolkit. ​ This led to Kitsilano Neighbourhood House receiving a 2013-2014 Vancouver Foundation grant for a Seniors for Seniors Project: Building a One-Stop Place for Westside Seniors. One of the aspects of this project was to develop a Westside Seniors Hub. A number of community members and seventeen senior-serving Westside organizations met at a visioning round-table in January 2014 to explore the potential benefits and nature of a Westside Hub. Several subsequent planning round-tables developed the structure of the Hub. In addition, they drew up Partner Collaborative Agreements, wrote a Hub Council Member job description, and both recruited and interviewed Hub Council applicants. ​ By February 2015, appointments to the Hub Council had been made and the first joint meeting of Partner Organizations and Hub Council members took place. Since then, the Hub has sought grant funding for various projects and operated with paid contractors, administrative support from Kitsilano Neighbourhood House and volunteer efforts. SPONSORS Since its first inception, the Hub has received financial support from several sponsors. WE ARE GRATEFUL for their trust and recognition of the Hub's mission and goals on behalf of seniors.

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    JOIN THE HUB There are many ways to become involved in the Hub. We are always looking for new members. BECOME A PARTNER ​ If you are a public, non-profit, or faith-based organization that serves seniors on Vancouver’s Westside, we would like to collaborate with you! JOIN THE HUB COUNCIL ​ Learn more about our Westside Seniors Hub Council, composed of volunteer seniors or those who work with seniors. We are continuously recruiting for new members. JOIN THE COMMITTEE Hub Committees are issue-based, action-oriented groups made up of representatives from the Council, Partner Organizations, and community. From 2015-2019 we had 3 active committees working on various projects : health & wellness; access & mobility and communications. Given the holistic approach of our current project, Dementia Ventures, committee members are now working together to address issues collaboratively. Learn about our Hub Partners Contact us to become a Partner Learn about the Hub Council Contact us to join the Hub Learn about Hub Committees Opportunities to get involved

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    DEMENTIA VENTURES BUILDING CAPACITY Dementia Ventures is building community capacity to include people living with dementia and their care partners in meaningful activities! When communities provide diverse opportunities for these people to engage, they can remain vibrant contributors to community life well beyond a dementia diagnosis. Living with dementia shall include pursuing one’s passions! ​Dementia Ventures invites you to get involved in creating a more inclusive community and increasing social citizenship for people living with dementia. ​ Join us in adapting current programs or creating new ones that are inclusive and enable people living with dementia to socialize according to their interests. Westside Seniors Hub Partner Organizations have a variety of opportunities underway to be more inclusive. Join any of our current projects described here . There are opportunities for anyone to help make communities more dementia-friendly. ​ Get Involved Current Hub Partners Projects News & Events HubBytes Series Resources ​ WE NEED DIVERSE PARTNERS TO HELP BUILD CAPACITY FOR GREATER INCLUSION! Everyone's skills and experiences can make a difference. Perhaps you are experiencing cognitive difficulties a care partner a program leader a professional working with seniors a motivated volunteer YOU can assist Hub Partner Organizations develop appealing and sustainable arts , social , fitness and volunteer activities. ​ Hub Partners want people living with dementia and their care partners to express their needs and desires. Partners also need the assistance of program leaders, motivated volunteers, and professionals working with seniors. THE BIGGER PICTURE... COLLECTIVE ACTION BY ELDERS AND THEIR CARE PARTNERS From 2019-2023, the Westside Seniors Hub is focusing on Dementia Ventures in collaboration with the University of British Columbia and Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Find out more about the UBC and Lakehead University research team members here . The Public Health Agency of Canada is funding the umbrella project called Building Capacity for Meaningful Participation by People Living With Dementia . It is one of the first community-based research projects funded under a 2019 Agency comprehensive plan: A Dementia Strategy for Canada .

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    DEMENTIA VENTURES GET INVOLVED Building capacity for meaningful community participation by people living with dementia is a collaborative effort that requires: ​​ identifying, expressing and responding to needs establishing and strengthening relationships creating accessible opportunities using diverse skills and abilities to have impacts We invite you to contribute your energy and creativity to plan, deliver and sustain Dementia Ventures . ​ This is a collaborative effort driven by the expressed needs of people living with dementia and their care partners. ​ Please click on the links below to see what your contribution could be. ​ ​ ​ Person living with dementia Care Partners Program Leader Volunteer Professionals working with Seniors If you are interested in joining the Hub in one of these roles, Hub Partners would like to hear from you. ​ visit the Current Hub Partner Projects page to see which project is most attractive and contact the Partner sponsoring it.

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    NEWS Seniors Aging Well - Ongoing Dementia Ventures News Upcoming events listed below celebrate seniors aging well. Most events are online, but that is changing! Organizations offering seniors' programs have some in-person programs underway. ​ A collective listing of virtual (from the Internet) programs for the Metro Vancouver area is available here COLLABORATE, GATHER, SHARE: RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM Alzheimer Society of BC & Emily Carr University of Art & Design, Health Design Lab What does meaningful public partnership in research look like? “Witness presentations by researchers and advocates living with dementia as they share their experiences of collaborating…Learn about how you can be involved in research projects that empower…amplify lived experience expertise and shape relevant and meaningful results.” Date: Tuesday, May 10, 2022 10:30-12:00pm Register here ON AGING: CANADIAN CONVERSATIONS United Way Healthy Aging CORE and HelpAge Canada “A series of conversations with thought leaders in Canada on a variety of topics …Each episode will address a different theme relevant to healthy aging…as well as a short video clip of a Canadian community-based seniors serving organization.” Dates: May 12th, 2022 at 9am PDT: Ageism with Margaret Gillis May 26th, 2022 at 9am PDT: ParticipAction - Physical Activity in Aging June 9th, 2022 at 9am PDT: Elder Abuse from an Ethnocultural Perspective June 23rd, 2022 at 9am PDT: Aging from an Indigenous Perspective Register for one or more free conversations here. TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION WORKSHOP Kitsilano Community Centre Association Historical Trauma and Colonization Workshop led by Brad Marsden from the Gitksan Nation in Northern British Columbia addressing the Impacts of Colonization and Residential Schools...Together, we can work on changing the perceptions and stereotypes within society which perpetuate systemic racism and foster environments where everybody can respect and co-operate with one another. Date: Sunday, May 29, 2022 2:00-4:45 with 15min break for light refreshments Cost : $15/person Location: Kitsilano Community Centre, Snowy's Lounge Register or 604-257-6976 Activity #390120 F.A.S.T. TRACK: INNOVATION SUMMIT FOR SENIORS TRANSPORTATION HelpAge Canada and O’Hara Aging+Accessibility “A (free) virtual event, hosted by Zoom…Be part of a cross-country conversation connecting government officials, leaders in transportation and aging, community organizations and members of the general public to share ideas, knowledge and discuss the findings of Canada’s first-ever snapshot of seniors’ transportation .” Date: May 12, 2022 8:30am – noon PDT (virtual stage opens 8:00am) Register here VISIONING THE FUTURE WEBINAR SERIES National Collaborating Centre for Indigenous Health Visioning the Future is a series of webinars offering a vision for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples’ public health. Upcoming webinar features Dr. Danièle Behn Smith (Deputy Provincial Health Officer, Indigenous Health, Province of BC) and Dr. Shannon McDonald (Acting Chief Medical Officer, First Nations Health Authority of BC), who explore practical strategies for achieving health equity…focusing on governance and data . Date: May 6, 2022 10:00-11:30am PDT Register here PRACTICAL GUIDE TO ELDER ABUSE AND LAW Canadian Centre for Elder Law “The new and improved Practical Guide to Elder Abuse and Neglect Law in Canada …launches in early April 2022…bilingual (English and French) and plain language…for each province and territory…searchable website …CCEL National Director Krista James will review Guide highlights and explain how you can use the Guide to support your work with older people and vulnerable adults. Date: May 9th, 2022 11am PDT Register here VALUE OF FAMILY CAREGIVING Research on Aging, University of Alberta & University of Manitoba Infographic with statistics about caregivers’ contributions to the Care Economy in terms of FTE, hours, percent of population involved, and economic value. Document here FLIPPING STIGMA ON ITS EAR TOOLKIT Canadian Institutes of Health Research “The discrimination caused by stigma that accompanies a diagnosis of dementia needs to be ‘flipped on its ear’! The purpose of this toolkit is to recognize and respond to this stigma and discrimination. It has been designed by people with dementia to help others – including other people living with dementia, the people who support them, and those who do research – to address the challenges of stigma and discrimination.” Video clips demonstrate interactions and stimulate discussions. Explore the website here CREATIVITY AS A FORM OF SELF-CARE Family Caregivers of BC The latest in a series of 14 Caregiver Out Loud podcasts: “engaging with creativity is a form of self-care that can benefit both a caregiver and a care recipient in many ways…This is a conversation with a caregiver about how being creative has helped her deal with some of the ups and downs in her caregiving journey.” Listen here or subscribe to the series where you get your podcasts. SOUTH VANCOUVER SENIORS NETWORK Weekly Webinars Lively interactive discussions about advocating for seniors and how we can provide support and advocacy to seniors right where they are. Time: Thursdays 10:30-11:30 PT May Webinars: BC Health Coalition, Vancouver Coastal Health, Age Knowble, BC Community Response Networks, etc. Sign up for weekly webinar series here COUR AGE : ACTION FOR BETTER AGING SE Health and the Covenant Family “The pandemic has had a devastating impact on Canada’s older adults… shone a public light on many important issues at the heart of aging: safety, independence, quality of life, human connection, and well-being.COURAGE: Action for Better Aging invites Canada to get involved… look at where we are today and at models and practices that help older adults stay in their homes and communities. ” A discussion paper here Survey for older Canadians living at home or in the community here for May & June ​ MOVE AND CONNECT WEBINAR SERIES Active Aging Society “Features wide-ranging health promotion and healthy lifestyle topics...series aims to connect older adults to information and services to support their physical, social, and mental health…learn strategies and set goals.” Example: A Prescription for Nature: Connect to Better Health Through Nature in collaboration with BC Parks Foundation. Ask your healthcare provider for a ParX Prescription – hand them this flyer Recording here LIVING MY CULTURE Canadian Virtual Hospice “Quality palliative care helps you honour your culture, spirituality and traditions… people from various cultures share their stories and wisdom about living with serious illness, end of life and grief to support others.” Also videos and insights from representatives of eight global cultures . Indigenous cultural safety training : Advanced illness, palliative care and grief and “Coming full circle: Planning for Your Care a booklet to ensure Indigenous Peoples’ choices for their future healthcare are known and respected.” Information here BC BRAIN WELLNESS PROGRAMS BC Brain Wellness Centre, University of British Columbia "BC Brain Wellness Program...provides learning opportunities for medical professionals and the general public on brain wellness practices. Wide range of free programs…from interdisciplinary collaborations with UBC's Physiotherapy, Kinesiology, Occupational Therapy, Neurology, Psychiatry, Neurosciences, Sports Medicine, Nutrition, Psychology and the School of Music as well as several community partners." More information and registration here CHOOSE TO MOVE Active Aging Society and Province of BC A free and flexible program to provide you with motivation and support to become more active. Great for anyone 55+ regardless of ability. Plan with a trained activity coach and integrate activity into your daily schedule. Contact Kitsilano Neighbourhood House for Spring reservations. Phone: 604-736-3588 ext. 161 More information here GLOBAL CAMPAIGN TO COMBAT AGEISM World Health Organization (WHO) “This campaign aims to tackle ageism by changing how we all think, feel and act towards age and ageing…A toolkit to learn about ageism, initiate your own conversations about this important topic in your community, organize events to raise awareness, and spread the word through social media to create #AWorld4AllAges. Tookit here Related information here FREE AND LOW-COST FOOD RESOURCES IN VANCOUVER Vancouver City Food Programs There are many opportunities throughout the city - grocery deliveries, meals, community fridges - mapped with contacts and availability. Information here Ongoing . Check back here for periodic updates as programs may expand or change.

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    NEWSLETTER HubBytes is t he Westside Seniors Hub's newsletter. It profiles key initiatives of the Hub's Partner Organizations and flags current issues, events and innovations that may be of interest to seniors. After a pandemic-induced hiatus of two years, we aim to publish HubBytes quarterly starting with Winter 2021-2022 . To view copies of HubBytes newsletters or subscribe, please click here

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    PAST PROJECTS CYCLING WITHOUT AGE EVENT September 28, 2019 Cycling Without Age Vancouver, in association with Kitsilano Neighbourhood House and the Westside Seniors Hub, are hosting safe and scenic trishaw rides along the Arbutus Greenway on September 28th from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Trishaws are three-wheeled cycles where you sit in the front and experienced pilots pedal you from behind. Our mission is to break the elderly free from social isolation. Make them smile. Make new memories. And let them be part of society again and thereby renew their appetite for life itself. We give them the right to wind in their hair. Cycling Without Age is based on generosity and kindness. Event HUbBYTES NEWSLETTERS July, September, November 2019 In 2019 Hub Council began compiling resources of potential value to Hub Partner Organizations that we encountered as we attended events and made community contacts. The MailChimp illustrated newsletters were sent out bimonthly to Hub Partners. DEMENTIA PROJECT - HUB FIRST STEPS TOGETHER October-November 2018 Hub Council convened a working group of representatives from Partner Organizations to discuss and decide upon actions to be taken after a presentation about Alzheimer cafés and other dementia-friendly initiatives. At two meetings, some Guiding Principles were drafted. First Steps Together 2017-2018 WALK AND BE SEEN CAMPAIGN The 2017-2018 Vancouver Walk and Be Seen (WBS) campaign was a great success! The finale held in March included presentations by Safety Ambassadors from 17 organizations from Metro Vancouver. Seniors were involved in organizing neighbourhood Walk and Be Seen projects. For those who attended the finale, there was no doubt that many were Proud to be Seniors and Proud to be Seen-iors! During the campaign, volunteer Ambassadors spoke to seniors in their communities about pedestrian safety and the benefits of increasing their visibility in low-light conditions by wearing reflective or light-emitting gear. The comments, stories and survey results collected in this campaign clearly showed grassroots support for increased pedestrian visibility. 2018 WBS Report FORUM ON SENIORS HOUSING ON THE WESTSIDE OF VANCOUVER July 2017 The Westside Seniors Hub, through the Jewish Family Services Agency, received a grant from Vancouver Coastal Health to research seniors housing on the Westside of Vancouver. A researcher interviewed more than forty stakeholders, from housing experts to seniors with housing issues. The report Seniors Housing on the Westside of Vancouver is based on these interviews. The Hub then organized a half-day Housing Forum on April 26, 2017 to further explore housing issues with those interviewed and important stakeholders. The Forum included panel presentations on housing innovation by leaders from Kitsilano Neighbourhood House, the United Way of the Lower Mainland, LaneFab and Calling Ministries, and 36 participants joined two consecutive groups to explore key issues and formulate recommendations. Forum Report 2016-2017 WALK AND BE SEEN PILOT PROJECT Walk and Be Seen (WBS) was a volunteer pilot project on the Westside of Vancouver involving senior pedestrians. It was designed to promote walking during low-light conditions while wearing reflective apparel in response to statistics that show senior pedestrians experiencing the highest number of fatalities from collisions in Vancouver. The project registered 132 participants who agreed to wear free reflective gear (cloth sash or LED slapband), tally walks of any length, and provide feedback. Upon completion, 79 registrants completed a survey and provided comments. An Action Mini-Grant (VGH Trauma Services, Vancouver Coastal Health) provided initial funding with Kitsilano Neighbourhood House, Mountain Equipment Coop, the Jewish Family Services Agency, and WalkMetroVan contributing additional funds and administrative support. 2017 WBS Report 10th AVENUE HEALTH PRECINCT PLANNING UPDATES May 2017 The City of Vancouver Transportation Department undertook a two-phase public consultation process in 2015-2016 regarding redesign proposals for the West 10th Avenue ‘Health Precinct’ (Cambie to Oak Streets). Seniors, persons with disabilities, and many stakeholders provided feedback on those proposals. The Hub noted a few significant design changes as a result of citizen input. NATIONAL SENIORS DAY FAIR October 2015 Event ELDER ABUSE INFORMATION WORKSHOP June 2015 Event DEMENTIA-FRIENDLY TRAINING SESSIONS April 2015 A series of three training sessions with presenters from the Alzheimer Society of BC were arranged and offered to staff and volunteers of Hub Partner organizations and the general public. Report

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    STAFF EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES FLIPPING STIGMA ON ITS EAR TOOLKIT “The discrimination caused by stigma that accompanies a diagnosis of dementia needs to be ‘flipped on its ear’! The purpose of this toolkit is to recognize and respond to this stigma and discrimination . It has been designed by people with dementia to help others – including other people living with dementia, the people who support them, and those who do research – to address the challenges of stigma and discrimination.” Video clips demonstrate interactions and stimulate discussions. Explore the website here Aging Well Education - Ongoing Dementia Education & Opportunities PROJECT IMPACT HEALTHY AGING INFORMATION SESSION United Way Dialogues in Action Project 2023 “A developmental evaluation course…for a team from non-profit organizations in the Community-Based Seniors’ Services sector…How do we measure our impact? Learn how to evaluate the work you are doing in a specific program of your choosing.” Applications for the 2023 course are open and applications are due by May 31, 2022 . Join a virtual information session about the course to learn more about the program and meet a participant from the 2022 program. Date: Tuesday, May 10, 2022 3:00-4:00pm PDT Register for the information session here Review application here PROGRAM PLANNING FOR GRANT WRITING United Way of British Columbia “Effective grant seeking…involves strategic prospect research, detailed project planning, and articulating a compelling case, all while employing efficient tools, processes, and systems.” This online interactive session includes: • creating compelling project rationales/needs descriptions; • exploring planning methodologies, including Theory of Change and Logic Models; • incorporating measurable outcomes. Recording here Slides here RECENT ADDITIONS INFORMAL RESPITE & SUPPORTS VS FORMAL RESPITE & SUPPORTS Family Caregivers of BC A half-hour Facebook Live session with Wendy Johnstone about caregiver planning for respite support , whether informal or formal. There are additional links to resources about respite care and making time for healing and self-care. Information here BUILDING DEMENTIA-FRIENDLY COMMUNITIES ONLINE COURSE Alzheimer Societies of Canada “The Building dementia-friendly communities course…a self-paced 75 minute online, interactive course in four modules …is currently available in English and French…designed for professionals working in the recreation, library, retail, restaurant and public transportation sectors…knowledge and skills needed to increase support, inclusion and accessibility (both in the social and physical environments) for people living with dementia.” Information here Register here IMPROVING NUTRITION AND FOOD SECURITY IN BC United Way of BC & DIVERSEcity Resources Society “Address challenges older adults experience in accessing culturally responsive food security supports and nutrition, and outline program successes and best practices… review community-based approaches that improve food security and nutrition/nourishment for seniors in British Columbia and the approaches currently existing in the province.” Webinar from June 1, 2021 Recording here ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE AND RELATED DEMENTIAS IN INDIGENOUS POPULATIONS National Collaborating Centre for Indigenous Health “Presenters Sarah MacNabb and Dr. Jordan P. Lewis helped participants understand the current context and risk factors for Alzheimer's disease and related dementias within Indigenous populations, identify innovative programming and research underway, and explore the development of engagement and education resources for Indigenous Peoples.” Webinar recording here METRO VANCOUVER VIRTUAL PROGRAMS List your organization’s virtual programs along with those of other seniors’-serving organizations and share the collective list with your members . You can do this now for January or on an ongoing basis. ​ “MetroVancouver Seniors Collective, Ridge Meadows Seniors Society and South Granville Seniors Centre volunteered to coordinate the collection and curation of a listing of virtual/online programming offered by the member organizations of the Collective, and other available resources… The purpose is to have more opportunities available for seniors while reducing the energies of organizations’ program staff having to set up multiple online programs individually.” ​ Information here To participate, click on the "Submit Virtual Programming Information" button LIVING MY CULTURE Canadian Virtual Hospice “Quality palliative care helps you honour your culture, spirituality and traditions…people from various cultures share their stories and wisdom about living with serious illness, end of life and grief to support others.” Indigenous cultural safety training : Advanced illness, palliative care and grief and “Coming full circle: Planning for your care a booklet to ensure Indigenous Peoples’ choices for their future healthcare are known and respected.” Also videos and insights from representatives of eight global cultures. Information here HEALTHY AGING CORE CANADA United Way BC & Employment & Social Development Canada “Healthy Aging CORE (Collaborative Online Resources and Education) is a platform to c onnect local, regional, provincial and national non-profit, government, and academic organizations and coalitions that focus on programs, services, policies, practices, and research aimed at supporting older Canadians to age in place in their homes and communities….All content on CORE is vetted …CORE is designed to connect and coordinate with other relevant networks, and not duplicate.” Features: Resources…Training & Events…Groups & Activity….Programs & Initiatives…Funding Opportunities ​ Join email list here AGING AND THRIVING IN THE 21ST CENTURY Institute for Community Prosperity, Mount Royal University, Calgary “…a scan of issues, trends, system dynamics and innovations…guided by the question: What factors are preventing older Canadians from flourishing, and how might we transform systems to maximize the choice, dignity, mobility, security, and trust accompanying an aging population transitioning into less autonomous living circumstances?" Report authored by James Stauch here SOCIAL NEEDS OF OLDER ADULTS CAN'T BE MET BY TECHNOLOGY ALONE CTV article; research by Dr. Yue Qian, UBC Sociology “…virtual interaction, like phone calls, video calls and texting during pandemic lockdowns were not helpful on their own as an alternative to face-to-face time for people over 60. ‘Our findings demonstrate that face-to-face household contact is crucial to sustaining older adults’ mental wellbeing,” Qian said.’” ​ CTV article here Frontiers in Sociology Article here ARCHIVED TRAINING WEBINARS Healthy Aging CORE Canada “CORE regularly hosts training events on relevant program and organizational development topics. These sessions are recorded and archived on CORE..and this compendium provides a listing of categories and links so that you can access them at your convenience.” Available here TAKING CHARGE: PARTICIPATORY MODELS OF AGING IN PLACE, DESIGNED BY SENIORS FOR SENIORS University Health Network Open Lab, Toronto "Aging Well is an exploratory research project aimed at uncovering grassroots models of seniors’ supportive living that are emerging across Canada and the United States. …find emergent patterns amongst grassroots initiatives…Ethnographic case studies of four grassroots models are presented: 1. Homesharing , 2. Senior Cohousing , 3. Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities with Social Service Program (NORC-SSP), and 4. Virtual Villages ." Report here NAV-CARE: MAKING CONNECTIONS MAKING A DIFFERENCE Health Canada and UBC Okanagan School of Nursing “Do you have knowledge of dementia, caregiving, navigation and volunteerism ? Participate in 3 surveys and one discussion board that are designed to understand the needs of caregivers and the kind of learning that volunteers would need. Honorarium for caregiver of an older adult with dementia. Be a contributor to Nav-CARE: “a program for family or friend caregivers of older adults with dementia…utilizes trained volunteer navigators to help support older adults with life-limiting illnesses access resources and services in their community while also developing personal and meaningful relationships .” Interested in participating? Contact Madison Huggins by email METRO VANCOUVER HOMESHARE Canada HomeShare & Simon Fraser University “The goal of HomeShare is to foster intergenerational relationships , support aging in place for older adults while simultaneously addressing the affordable rental crisis faced by students…a facilitated model of shared housing to Metro Vancouver… for older adults who would like to share their home with a student for the coming school year …up to seven hours per week of assistance around the home and/or companionship… Canada HomeShare Social Workers create matches that meet both the needs of the home provider and student using a framework designed and developed by the National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly.” ​ Information here ENABLING CONNECTIONS - A TABLET LENDING LIBRARY South Granville Seniors Centre & Partners “The four elements of the Enabling Connections program are: a tablet lending library , digital literacy mentoring , a virtual senior’s centre , and knowledge sharing with other organizations . The Enabling Connections project is focused on creating connections between individuals and creating a sense of community and mutual support, peer to peer.” Information here CLOSING THE GAPS: EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS, RESPONSE AND RECOVERY FOR OLDER ADULTS Canadian Red Cross; National Institute on Ageing “This is a recent report…that includes 29 Evidence-Informed Expert Recommendations to Improve Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery for Older Adults Across Canada…directed at Community-Based Services and Programs…Webinar features Dr. Samir Sinha, lead author of the report.” Recording here FROME'S COMPASSION PROJECT UK Men’s Shed & Health Connections Mendip-UK “Compassionate communities help to reduce isolation and loneliness and bring a sense of belonging. Social relationships are the most effective intervention for improving health and longevity. Frome’s care combines a compassionate programme of community development with routine medical care…three key elements : making the most of the supportive networks of family, friends and neighbours…building networks of support for the routine matters of life…linking to community activity , such as choir, walking groups, men’s sheds, talking cafes and other interest groups where people can make friendships and share life’s events.” This event has passed. Health Connections Mendip website here Frome Shed website here COMMUNITY COUNSELLING SERVICES IN BC Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions, Community Action Initiative “An extension of government funding to 49 local community counselling agencies provides access to low- and no-cost counselling services. Community counselling provides flexibility for counsellors to meet clients through outreach, in-person counselling or through virtual supports. In some community agencies, counsellors connect people to other services and supports.” Counselling services offered within BC’s Health Authorities here Back to Top AGING WELL EDUCATION - ONGOING These are virtual educational resources for the seniors'-serving sector that can be joined or viewed on an ongoing basis. COVID-19 AND THE DIGITAL DIVIDE (Centre for Ageing Better, UK) Key findings from research involving i) > 250 seniors’-serving organizations about their service delivery efforts and ii) 50-70 year olds with incomes less than $42k about their use of the Internet and digital devices. Identifies and shares good practices for supporting digital inclusion and skill development during the pandemic and beyond. Describes how supports improved seniors’ knowledge and understanding of digital skills. July 2021 report here COMMUNITY DEMENTIA CARE AND SUPPORT (Healthcare Excellence Canada) Webinar series: "Innovations that are supporting people living with dementia and care partners, closer to home…what’s working and what isn’t…help innovators figure out how they can spread and scale their innovation so more people living with dementia, and care partners can benefit.” Past webinars and newsletter registration for upcoming related learning opportunities here AGING YOUR WAY: CREATING AN AGE-INCLUSIVE CANADA (CanAge; Toronto Public Library) A series of upcoming free webinars plus recordings & key learnings from other 2021 webinars. Information here GLUU TECHNOLOGY TUESDAYS (GLUU Society; Government of Canada) The Canadian nonprofit on a mission to help older adults use technology to stay happy, healthy & connected. We make digital skills stick…offer free digital skills training for all Canadian seniors about Apple and Android mobile devices. Information here Register for Technology Tuesdays here (Recordings available if registered) DIALOGUE ON AGING SERIES WEBINARS (Providence Health Care) Recordings of 2020-2021series of monthly presentations about self-care for positive mental health, mindfulness, brain health, sleep health, physical activity, technologies, socialization, creativity & living well with dementia, COVID-19 and dementia strategies and support, etc. Typically 2-hour presentation including discussion. Recordings here CAREGIVERS OUT LOUD: A PODCAST (Family Caregivers of BC) “A series of conversations with caregivers that highlight the joys, trials, and self-discoveries that come along with this rewarding and taxing position... have support and balance through the stories of inspiring caregivers.” Information here BRAIN WELLNESS PROGRAMS (UBC Brain Wellness Centre) Wide range of topics and their effects on brain health: music, nutrition, sleep, mood, improv theatre, practical tips, mindfulness, role as care partner etc. Information here Subscribe to newsletter here WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO AGE IN PLACE? (Hon. Joyce Murray, MP Quadra Brunch Connections) Guest speaker Ms. Isobel Mackenzie, BC’s Seniors’ Advocate, discusses “how to plan successfully to age in place, and how to help others – spouse, parent, family member, or friend – do the same… communities, business, the charitable sector, and various levels of government must collaborate to ensure today’s Canadians can age-in-place safely, as long as they wish...challenges and solutions. ” Recording here NO PLACE LIKE HOME(SHARE): INSIGHTS FROM AN INTERGENERATIONAL HOMESHARING PROGRAM IN TORONTO “Toronto HomeShare Pilot Project that matched 11 over-housed older adults 55+ (overhoused with respect to physical home space, social needs or supports with activities of daily living), with post-secondary student homeseekers who were experiencing difficulty securing safe and affordable housing… ‘facilitated’ by social workers and housing experts…now fully funded as a program by the City of Toronto…expanded to the City of Barrie.” Webinar recording here RAINBOW STEPS TO LGBT2SQ SENIORS “This webinar discusses aging in the LGBT2SQ communities and how service providers can deliver more inclusive and supportive programming…. practical ways to provide sensitive, competent and inclusive community programming and services for LGBT2SQ individuals.” Webinar recording here ADDRESSING STIGMA: AGING AND OLDER ADULTS (UWLM CORE Healthy Aging) 55min. An overview of stigma as outlined in the Public Health Agency of Canada's (2019 report) 'Stigma Action Framework for Building an Inclusive Health System' Recording here 2019 Summary video (Voices for Inclusion 4min) here HEALING IN PANDEMIC TIMES (Northern Health, Indigenous Health, NCCIH) An animated video reviews key terms such as stigmatization, stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination in an easily understandable way (4:32 min). Related publications include Thinking About Cultural Safety; Practical tips: Engaging People During COVID-19 ; Cultural Safety: Respect & Dignity in Relationships; Cultural Safety: Poster Series. Video and information available here PROMISING APPROACHES REVISITED: EFFECTIVE ACTION ON LONELINESS IN LATER LIFE In the United Kingdom,“the Campaign to End Loneliness believes that nobody who wants company should be without it…We do this by creating spaces for collaboration and support to the sector and by…building evidence, convening and supporting the loneliness community , making the case for action, public campaigning, campaigning locally.” Information here FUNDRAISING TRENDS OF 2021 THAT MAY INFLUENCE YOUR STRATEGY AND PREPARE YOUR ORGANIZATION FOR A SUCCESSFUL YEAR (Charity Village) Webinar (Feb 2, 2021) and information here SENIORS' TRANSPORTATION WEBINAR (UWLM CORE Healthy Aging) Learn more about the new Provincial Working Group on Seniors Transportation, the seniors-centred approach it will bring to its work, and its plans for improving seniors’ mobility in BC over the next two years. (January 27, 2021 presentation) Recording and slides available here Back to Top ALZHEIMER'S ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE July 2021 Features reports from Medscape Medical News about advances in understanding dementia: risk factors, tests, diagnosis, treatments, epidemiology, practice guidelines and more. ​ Conference news here ENGAGING PEOPLE LIVING WITH DEMENTIA IN DECISION-MAKING ​ Canadian Centre for Elder Law ​ “We are seeking participants for a series of virtual consultation events on strategies for including people living with dementia in decision making. The events will run from July 2021 to March 2022. We would like to hear from people living with dementia and other disabilities. We are also recruiting family members and friends for virtual consultation events on the perspectives of caregivers.” ​ Project Status: Work in Progress Information here Poster - people living with dementia here Poster - caregivers here VIRTUAL SERVICES FOR PEOPLE LIVING WITH DEMENTIA Adult Cognitive Wellness Centre Langley, BC Virtual services for people living with dementia (Adult Cognitive Wellness Centre, Langley, BC) Regular midday and afternoon sessions offered monthly by qualified facilitators: Caregiver Support, Yoga, Easy Practice of Qigong Movement, Experience-Centered Care with H.E.A.R.T. Methodology™, Mindfulness Base Stress Reduction. Pre-registration & information here DEMENTIA EDUCATION & OPPORTUNITIES BEACON *SHINING LIGHT ON DEMENTIA ​ Pacific Spirit United Church, Vancouver, BC ​ In 2021, members of the congregation participated in a four-part series of online conversations “to further our sense of inclusion and love by opening meaningful conversations about what it means to be a dementia-friendly community…in our care for one another, in our building’s accessibility, and in our programming.” ​ Information here Four-part video series here DEMENTIA & SPIRITUALITY: PODCAST SERIES ​ Dementia Dialogue, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, ON ​ "This new four-part series explores the many dimensions of spirituality along the dementia journey, as well as how our cultural background influences and nurtures spiritual perspectives.Our hosts have held interviews with a range of guests including people living with dementia, academics and researchers, spiritual care providers and care partners.” ​ Listen here HEALTH CARE DECISION-MAKING LEGAL RIGHTS OF PEOPLE LIVING WITH DEMENTIA ​ Canadian Centre for Elder Law, Alzheimer Society of BC ​ “A set of resources on the decision-making rights of people living with dementia: three short animated videos, and a booklet. The booklet is available in English, French, Traditional Chinese and Punjabi.” ​ Information here HEALTH CARE DECISION-MAKING LEGAL RIGHTS OF PEOPLE LIVING WITH DEMENTIA ​ Canadian Centre for Elder Law, Alzheimer Society of BC ​ “A set of resources on the decision-making rights of people living with dementia: three short animated videos, and a booklet. The booklet is available in English, French, Traditional Chinese and Punjabi.” ​ Information here

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    DEMENTIA VENTURES NEWS ONGOING VALUE OF CAREGIVING IN CANADA University of Alberta, University of Manitoba Research on Aging Infographic capturing statistics about caregivers’ contributions to the Care Economy in terms of FTE, hours, percent of population involved, and economic value. Astounding figures! Document here ONGOING FLIPPING STIGMA ON ITS EAR TOOLKIT Canadian Health Research Institute “The discrimination caused by stigma that accompanies a diagnosis of dementia needs to be ‘flipped on its ear’! The purpose of this toolkit is to recognize and respond to this stigma and discrimination . It has been designed by people with dementia to help others – including other people living with dementia, the people who support them, and those who do research – to address the challenges of stigma and discrimination.” Video clips demonstrate interactions and stimulate discussions. Explore the website here ONGOING IMPROVING CAREGIVING THROUGH TECHNOLOGY Family Caregivers of BC Half-hour videos by Wendy Johnstone, Provincial Caregiving Consultant and Gerontologist: "Using technology-based interventions and other digital applications is increasingly becoming a viable option to support family caregivers both in their role as a caregiver and for their own well-being...." Ongoing sessions : Click here Latest addition : Click here for Informal Respite and Supports vs Formal Respite and Supports ​ MAY 10, 2022 ALZHEIMER SOCIETY OF BC & EMILY CARR UNIVERSITY HEALTH DESIGN LAB What does meaningful public partnership in research look like? “Witness presentations by researchers and advocates living with dementia as they share their experiences of collaborating…Learn about how you can be involved in research projects that empower…amplify lived experience expertise and shape relevant and meaningful results.” Date: Tue, May 10, 2022 10:30-12:00pm Register here ONGOING CALL TO MIND PODCAST University of Victoria, BC Prof. Debra Sheets “In this four-part podcast series, people living with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia record audio diaries and conversations about their lives during the pandemic…Intimate and surprising stories about the challenges and rewards of caregiving, the impacts of isolation, finding joy by living in the present, and staying in love when everything else is changing...inspires you to make your community a more friendly and supportive place for people with dementia.” Podcasts here ONGOING NAVIGATION AND PEDESTRIAN ENVIRONMENT ACCESSIBILITY Simon Fraser University, University of BC, Université Lava l “The Stakeholders Walkability/ Wheelability Audit in Neighbourhoods (SWAN) tool …facilitates participant-led evaluations of selected street segments which influence mobility.” Our team wants to “modify the SWAN tool to account for neighbourhood features which impact the mobility and participation of individuals living with sensory or cognitive disability.” Details and contact information here ONGOING BC BRAIN WELLNESS CENTRE PROGRAMS Brain Wellness is a unique and interactive program establishing clinically relevant lifestyle approaches to complement medical treatment in the clinics at the Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health…and provides learning opportunities for medical professionals and the general public on brain wellness practices. Wide range of free programs …from interdisciplinary collaborations with Physiotherapy, Kinesiology, Occupational Therapy, Neurology, Psychiatry, Neurosciences, Sports Medicine, Nutrition, Psychology and the School of Music as well as several community partners . New in the Care Partner Series: Preparing for the Future Practically & Emotionally In May, Mondays 10:00-11:30am PDT Spring program registration here ONGOING PROMOTING ENGAGEMENT OF PEOPLE LIVING WITH DEMENTIA & FAMILY/FRIEND CAREGIVERS IN ADVANCE CARE PLANNING THROUGH COMMUNITY-LED PROGRAMS BC Centre for Palliative Care Research-based “learnings from, and resources promote the engagement of people living with dementia and family/friend caregivers in Advance Care Planning (ACP)…builds on the proven success of an existing, sustainable, community-led education model… to support community organizations facilitate ACP programs for the public. Recorded webinar here ONGOING CAREGIVERS OUT LOUD: A PODCAST SERIES Family Caregivers of BC Listen to “insightful, authentic and heart-centered conversations with caregivers that highlight the joys, trials, and self-discoveries that come along with this rewarding and taxing position.” 20-30 minute episodes accompanied by notes. ​ New addition Feb 2022: Creativity as a Form of Self- Care Listen here

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    HUB PARTNERS Become a partner Contact Us Partner Organizations are non-profit organizations, faith-based organizations, and government agencies that serve seniors on Vancouver’s Westside. The catchment area is bounded by English Bay (north), Ontario Street (east), Fraser River (south), and includes the University Endowment Lands (west). Partner Organizations have an interest in collaborating with others to support seniors in their community. Learn more about the values that Partner Organizations share here . ​ Click on a profile below to learn more about each Partner Organization and the programs, services, and events it offers. For Partners with current Dementia Ventures projects click here . ​ A.S.K FRIENDSHIP CENTRE, Adult day program 2177 West 42nd Avenue, Vancouver V6M 2B7 604-263-7333 BROCK HOUSE SOCIETY 3875 Point Grey Road, Vancouver, V6R 1B3 604-228-1461 DUNBAR COMMUNITY CENTRE ASSOCIATION 4747 Dunbar Street, Vancouver, V6S 2H2 604-222-6060 Press '1' DUNBAR RESidENTS ASSOCIATION 45057 - 4326 Dunbar Street, Vancouver, V6S 2M8 604-222-9824 FAMILY CAREGIVERS OF BC 6 - 3318 Oak Street, Victoria, V6X 1R1 1-877-520-3267 healthy living program 5913 West Boulevard, Vancouver, V6M 3X1 604-267-4430 JEWISH FAMILY SERVICES 320 - 2285 Clark Drive, Vancouver, V5N 3G9 604-257-5151 KERRISDALE SENIORS CENTRE 5851 West Blvd., Vancouver, V6M 3W9 604-257-8100 ext. 1 KITSILANO COMMUNITY CENTRE 2690 Larch St., Vancouver, V6K 4K9 604-257-6976 ext 1 KITSILANO NEIGHBOURHOOD HOUSE 2305 West 7th Ave., Vancouver, V6K 1Y4 604-736-3588 Pacific spirit united church 2195 W. 45th Avenue, Vancouver BC, V6M 2J2 SOUTH GRANVILLE SENIORS CENTRE 1420 West 12th Ave., Vancouver, V6H 1M8 604-732-0812 ST. FAITH'S ANGLICAN CHURCH 7284 Cypress Street, Vancouver, V6P 5M3 604-266-8011 ext. 1 / ST. STEPHEN UNITED CHURCH 7025 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6P 4X6 604-266-4944 Karen Harder: VANCOUVER PUBLIC LIBRARY DUNBAR BRANCH 4515 Dunbar St., Vancouver, V6S 2G7 604-665-3968 VANCOUVER PUBLIC LIBRARY KERRISDALE BRANCH 2112 West 42nd Ave, Vancouver, V6M 2B6 604-665-3974 VANCOUVER PUBLIC LIBRARY KITSILANO BRANCH 2425 MacDonald Street, Vancouver, V6K 3Y9 604-665-3976 VANCOUVER PUBLIC LIBRARY West Point GREY BRANCH 4480 West 10th Ave., Vancouver, V6R 2H9 604-665-3982 West Point GREY COMMUNITY CENTRE & CC Association 4397 West 2nd Ave., Vancouver, V6R 1K4 604-257-8140 WEST POINT GREY UNITED CHURCH 4595 8th Ave. W, Vancouver BC, V6R 2A4 604-224-4388 Hyuk Cho:

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    DEMENTIA VENTURES RESOURCES We also provide selected resources here for Dementia Ventures , since that is the Hub's focus in 2020-2023. Understanding & living with dementia Guides for inclusive Programming Tools for Engagement Research Reports & Data