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List your organization’s virtual programs along with those of other seniors’-serving organizations and share the collective list with your members. You can do this now for August or on an ongoing basis.

“MetroVancouver Seniors Collective, Ridge Meadows Seniors Society and South Granville Seniors Centre volunteered to coordinate the collection and curation of a listing of virtual/online programming offered by the member organizations of the Collective, and other available resources…The purpose is to have more opportunities available for seniors while reducing the energies of organizations’ program staff having to set up multiple online programs individually.”

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Intergenerational Shared Housing Opportunity (Canada HomeShare & Simon Fraser University)

“The goal of HomeShare is to foster intergenerational relationships, support aging in place for older adults while simultaneously addressing the affordable rental crisis faced by students…a facilitated model of shared housing to Metro Vancouver…for older adults who would like to share their home with a student for the coming school year…up to seven hours per week of assistance around the home and/or companionship…Canada HomeShare Social Workers create matches that meet both the needs of the home provider and student using a framework designed and developed by the National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly.”

Information session with details and to answer questions: 

Tuesday,  August 3rd 6:00-7:30pm PDT Register here

Healthy Aging CORE Canada (United Way BC; Employment & Social Development Canada)

“Healthy Aging CORE (Collaborative Online Resources and Education) is a platform to connect local, regional, provincial and national non-profit, government, and academic organizations and coalitions that focus on programs, services, policies, practices, and research aimed at supporting older Canadians to age in place in their homes and communities….All content on CORE is vetted …CORE is designed to connect and coordinate with other relevant networks, and not duplicate.”


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Workplace Mental Health: Is your Nonprofit Ready for Post-COVID Challenges? (Charity Village)

“We will discuss how you and your organization can meet the post-COVID challenge by using your pandemic learnings to evaluate change and develop strategies to find a new path forward.”
Date: August 19th, 10am PDT
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Engaging People Living with Dementia in Decision-Making (Canadian Centre for Elder Law)

“We are seeking participants for a series of virtual consultation events on strategies for including people living with dementia in decision making. The events will run from July 2021 to March 2022. We would like to hear from people living with dementia and other disabilities. We are also recruiting family members and friends for virtual consultation events on the perspectives of caregivers.”

Project Status: Work in Progress

Information here

Poster - people living with dementia here 

Poster - caregivers here

Using Technology to Fight Dementia (CanAge; Toronto Public Library)

“Innovative technologies…to support people living with dementia and their caregivers, expanding the possibilities for living a meaningful, dignified life alongside this increasingly common cognitive disease….learn about an innovative screening tool for Alzheimer’s disease, how a music program brings joy…and how technology is being considered in new national long-term care standards.”

Free webinar: September 21, 2021 10:00-11:00am PDT

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Closing the Gaps: Advancing Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery for Older Adults (Canadian Red Cross; National Institute on Ageing)

“This is a recent report…that includes 29 Evidence-Informed Expert Recommendations to Improve Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery for Older Adults Across Canada…directed at Community-Based Services and Programs…Webinar features Dr. Samir Sinha, lead author of the report.”

Save the date: September 23rd, 11am-noon (PST)

Information forthcoming from BC Healthy Aging CORE here

Caregiver Survival Guide: What You Need to Know (CanAge; Toronto Public Library)

“Canada has a caregiving crisis…This session engages and empowers participants who are or may become caregivers, guided by expert advice on coping strategies, how to connect with supports, provide care and care for themselves along the way.”

Free webinar: October 26, 2021 10:00-11:00am PDT

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Aging Well Educational Materials

Covid-19 and the Digital Divide (Centre for Ageing Better, UK)

Key findings from research involving i) > 250 seniors’-serving organizations about their service delivery efforts and ii) 50-70 year olds with incomes less than $42k about their use of the Internet and digital devices. Identifies and shares good practices for supporting digital inclusion and skill development during the pandemic and beyond. Describes how supports improved seniors’ knowledge and understanding of digital skills.

July 2021 report here 

What does it take to Age in Place? (Hon. Joyce Murray, MP Quadra Brunch Connections)

Guest speaker Ms. Isobel Mackenzie, BC’s Seniors’ Advocate, discusses “how to plan successfully to age in place, and how to help others – spouse, parent, family member, or friend – do the same… communities, business, the charitable sector, and various levels of government must collaborate to ensure today’s Canadians can age-in-place safely, as long as they wish...challenges and solutions.

Recording here

Aging Your Way: Creating an Age-inclusive Canada (CanAge; Toronto Public Library)   A series of upcoming free webinars plus recordings & key learnings from other 2021 webinars.

Information here 

Discover the Power of Your Breath: Empower Yourself to Optimize Your Health (Jewish Seniors Alliance)

“…relax…ease pain…sleep better..Tianne Allan specializes in pain care and the treatment of anxiety and insomnia…with different types of breathing.”    

Listen and participate in the webinar here.

GLUU Technology Tuesdays (GLUU Society; Government of Canada)

The Canadian nonprofit on a mission to help older adults use technology to stay happy, healthy & connected. We make digital skills stick…offer free digital skills training for all Canadian seniors about Apple and Android mobile devices.

Information here 

Register for Technology Tuesdays here (Recordings available if registered)

Self-Management BC (University of Victoria; Province of BC)

Free health programs for adults of all ages living with one or multiple ongoing health conditions, offered throughout British Columbia online, by telephone, or by mail. Multilingual.

Information here

Dialogue on Aging Series Webinars (Providence Health Care)

Recordings of 2020-2021series of monthly presentations about self-care for positive mental health, mindfulness, brain health, sleep health, physical activity, technologies, socialization, creativity & living well with dementia, COVID-19 and dementia strategies and support, etc. Typically 2-hour presentation including discussion.

Recordings here 

Brain Wellness Programs (UBC Brain Wellness Centre)

Wide range of topics and their effects on brain health: music, nutrition, sleep, mood, improv theatre, practical tips, mindfulness, role as care partner etc. 

Information here

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Caregivers Out Loud: A Podcast (Family Caregivers of BC) 

“A series of conversations with caregivers that highlight the joys, trials, and self-discoveries that come along with this rewarding and taxing position... have support and balance through the stories of inspiring caregivers.”            

Information here    

Beacon *Shining Light on Dementia (Pacific Spirit United Church, Vancouver, BC)

In 2021, members of the congregation participated in a four-part series of online conversations “to further our sense of inclusion and love by opening meaningful conversations about what it means to be a dementia-friendly community…in our care for one another, in our building’s accessibility, and in our programming.” 

Information here

Four-part video series here   

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Dementia & Spirituality:Podcast Series (Dementia Dialogue, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, ON)

"This new four-part series explores the many dimensions of spirituality along the dementia journey, as well as how our cultural background influences and nurtures spiritual perspectives.Our hosts have held interviews with a range of guests including people living with dementia, academics and researchers, spiritual care providers and care partners.” 

Listen here   

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No Place Like Home(Share): Insights from an Intergenerational Homesharing Program in Toronto

“Toronto HomeShare Pilot Project that matched 11 over-housed older adults 55+ (overhoused with respect to physical home space, social needs or supports with activities of daily living), with post-secondary student homeseekers who were experiencing difficulty securing safe and affordable housing… ‘facilitated’ by social workers and housing experts…now fully funded as a program by the City of Toronto…expanded to the City of Barrie.”

Webinar recording here  

Rainbow Steps to LGBT2SQ Seniors

“This webinar discusses aging in the LGBT2SQ communities and how service providers can deliver more inclusive and supportive programming…. practical ways to provide sensitive, competent and inclusive community programming and services for LGBT2SQ individuals.”

Webinar recording here

Addressing Stigma: Aging and Older adults (UWLM CORE Healthy Aging) 55min.

An overview of stigma as outlined in the Public Health Agency of Canada's (2019 report) 'Stigma Action Framework for Building an Inclusive Health System' 

Recording here            2019 Summary video (Voices for Inclusion 4min) here

Seniors’ Transportation Webinar (UWLM CORE Healthy Aging)

Learn more about the new Provincial Working Group on Seniors Transportation, the seniors-centred approach it will bring to its work, and its plans for improving seniors’ mobility in BC over the next two years. Invitation to join a province-wide working group will be forthcoming in March. (January 27, 2021 presentation)

Recording and slides available here 

Healing in pandemic times (Northern Health, Indigenous Health, NCCIH) 

An animated video reviews key terms such as stigmatization, stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination in an easily understandable way (4:32 min). Related publications include Thinking About Cultural Safety; Practical tips: Engaging People During COVID-19; Cultural Safety: Respect & Dignity in Relationships; Cultural Safety: Poster Series.

Video and information available here

Promising Approaches Revisited: Effective action on loneliness in later life (Campaign to End Loneliness)   

In the United Kingdom,“the Campaign to End Loneliness believes that nobody who wants company should be without it…We do this by creating spaces for collaboration and support to the sector and by…building evidence, convening and supporting the loneliness community, making the case for action, public campaigning, campaigning locally.” 

Information here

Fundraising trends of 2021 that may influence your strategy and prepare your organization for a successful year (Charity Village)
Webinar (Feb 2, 2021) and information here

Health Care Decision-Making: Legal Rights of People Living with Dementia (Canadian Centre for Elder Law, Alzheimer Society of BC)

“A set of resources on the decision-making rights of people living with dementia: three short animated videos, and a booklet. The booklet is available in English, French, Traditional Chinese and Punjabi.”

Information here

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