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More Inclusive Care for LGBTQ2+ Seniors (LOVE CRN) 
Session will include: Lived experiences of LGBTQ2+ seniors; terminology used to refer to the range of people in LGBTQ2+ communities; opportunities for reflection on assumptions and stereotypes related to LGBTQ2+ communities; what organizations and individuals can do to provide more inclusive and affirming care for LGBTQ2+ seniors.

Date: March 2, 2021 2:00-3:30 PST

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Technology is a Human Right: Understanding Older Adults’ Access to Information from a Human Rights’ Perspective (AGE-WELL)

“Should technology be a human right? Attend this webinar to understand older adults’ access to technology from a human rights perspective, and consider how this perspective can be applied in clinical practice, policy development, and research contexts.”

Date: March 3, 2021 10:00am

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Aging Well Educational Materials


Dialogue on Aging Series Webinars (Providence Health Care)

Recordings of 2020-2021series of presentations about self-care for positive mental health, mindfulness, brain health, sleep health, physical activity, technologies, socialization, creativity & living well with dementia, and more. Typically 2-hour presentation including discussion.

Recordings here 

Wellness Wednesdays (UBC Brain Wellness Centre)

Typically held the first Wednesday of the month 12:00-1:00pm Pacific Time. Wide range of topics and their effects on brain health: music, nutrition, sleep, mood, improv theatre, practical tips, mindfulness, role as care partner etc. Recordings available in the Centre’s YouTube library.

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Addressing Stigma: Aging and Older adults (UWLM CORE Healthy Aging) 55min.

An overview of stigma as outlined in the Public Health Agency of Canada's (2019 report) 'Stigma Action Framework for Building an Inclusive Health System' 

Recording here            2019 Summary video (Voices for Inclusion 4min) here

Seniors’ Transportation Webinar (UWLM CORE Healthy Aging)

Learn more about the new Provincial Working Group on Seniors Transportation, the seniors-centred approach it will bring to its work, and its plans for improving seniors’ mobility in BC over the next two years. Invitation to join a province-wide working group will be forthcoming in March. (January 27, 2021 presentation)

Recording and slides available here  

Healing in pandemic times (Northern Health, Indigenous Health, NCCIH) 

An animated video reviews key terms such as stigmatization, stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination in an easily understandable way (4:32 min). Related publications include Thinking About Cultural Safety; Practical tips: Engaging People During COVID-19; Cultural Safety: Respect & Dignity in Relationships; Cultural Safety: Poster Series.

Video and information available here

Promising Approaches Revisited: Effective action on loneliness in later life (Campaign to End Loneliness)   

In the United Kingdom,“the Campaign to End Loneliness believes that nobody who wants company should be without it…We do this by creating spaces for collaboration and support to the sector and by…building evidence, convening and supporting the loneliness community, making the case for action, public campaigning, campaigning locally.” 

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Fundraising trends of 2021 that may influence your strategy and prepare your organization for a successful year (Charity Village)

Webinar (Feb 2, 2021) and information here


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