Hub Committees

Hub Projects are taken on by Hub Committees, issue-based, action-oriented groups made up of representatives from the Council, Partner Organizations, and the community. They meet as needed to focus attention on particular issues or activities by sharing information, suggesting to the Council what approaches might work, and planning events. They act on behalf of seniors to bring attention to issues and gaps in services. Their work engages businesses, government agencies, non-profit agencies, and the public in moving towards a community where seniors can have their needs met and age well.

At this time, Hub Committee members are all collaborating as a Working Group on the multifaceted Dementia Ventures project so for action consider Getting Involved !

Access & Mobility Committee

  1. Identifies seniors’ concerns and needs regarding access and mobility

  2. Develops strategies to address those concerns

  3. Engages Partner Organizations in coordinated action to keep seniors active and safe within their neighbourhoods

What have we done?

We recently completed Walk and Be Seen – Neighbourhood Projects 2017 – 2018. This was a pedestrian visibility project that encourages seniors to walk and be more visible during low-light hours. It reached >600 participants with education and visibility gear wiith funding from the federal New Horizons for Seniors Program. The final report is here.

To stay informed about current issues, we send a representative to connect with the City of Vancouver Seniors Advisory Committee and to Seniors' Transportation is a Right meetings.

Health & Wellness Committee
  1. Identifies key physical, social, and mental health issues of Westside Seniors

  2. Prioritizes needs and find ways to address them through collaboration with Westside Seniors Hub Council, Hub Partners, other seniors serving organizations, and the community

  3. Promotes awareness of seniors’ needs and advocate for change

What have we done?

Through a partnership with the Alzheimer Society of BC, the Committee has offered two series of workshops to train volunteers & staff of Westside organizations and the public to create a more dementia-friendly community. These have reached > 100 participants.

In 2019, we initiated a collaboration with UBC and Lakehead University to initiate the 4-year federal PHAC-funded umbrella project for Dementia Ventures.

Communications Committee
  1. Provides resources for people who want to learn more about seniors’ serving organizations and their services on Vancouver’s Westside.

  2. Creates online and print materials that are accessible to seniors, care partners, and the general public

  3. Recruits volunteers withskills in website development & maintenance, photography, messaging, and publishing.


What have we done?

With a New Horizons for Seniors Program grant, we consulted with seniors for input on the Hub design of a logo, website, and print materials and conducted quality testing. We developed a Communications Plan for rolling out and maintaining the website.

The website is now being updated to  showcase Dementia Ventures and the projects that Partners are initiating. Our communications invite more Partners, Council members and volunteers to join the Hub for collective action on issues affecting seniors!

Thank You

The Hub is grateful for support from various Sponsors since it was founded in 2015. Link to an anchor on the About page

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