Dementia Ventures…Building Capacity

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Dementia Ventures is creating meaningful community opportunities for people living with dementia to remain active and engaged.

Please get involved in creating a more inclusive community and increasing social citizenship for people living with dementia.

Dementia Ventures is building community capacity to include people with dementia in meaningful activities!


Westside Seniors Hub Partner Organizations are working on adapting current programs and creating new programs that are inclusive and enable people living with dementia to socialize according to their interests.


Living with dementia shall include pursuing one’s passions!


Communities that provide diverse opportunities demonstrate that people can remain vibrant contributors to community life well beyond a dementia diagnosis.


Want to get involved? If so, are you?

  • experiencing cognitive difficulties

  • a care partner

  • a program leader

  • a professional working with seniors

  • a motivated volunteer

You can assist Hub Partner Organizations develop appealing and sustainable arts, social, fitness and volunteer activities.

Hub Partners want people living with dementia and their care partners to express their needs and desires. Partners also need the assistance of program leaders, motivated volunteers, and professionals working with seniors. Please Get Involved!


The bigger picture…Collective action by elders and their care partners

From 2019-2023, the Westside Seniors Hub is focusing on Dementia Ventures in collaboration with the

University of British Columbia and Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario.


The Public Health Agency of Canada is funding the umbrella project called Building Capacity for Meaningful

Participation by People Living With Dementia. It is one of the first community-based research projects funded under

a 2019 Agency comprehensive plan: A Dementia Strategy for Canada.

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