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Would you like to help the Hub achieve its goals of creating a more inclusive community and increasing social citizenship of people living with dementia? Then please consider helping plan, implement and sustain meaningful activities.

Here are some opportunities for community members to become involved in Dementia Ventures.

Please contact the Partner Organization directly or send a message to the Hub for details.


Postings will remain here until a Partner notifies the webmaster that a position is no longer available.


Kits House has launched a dementia awareness initiative. There are opportunities to join focus groups that will guide program development. There is a dementia buddies program with training to communicate and help people experiencing dementia live well in the community. Other awareness activities  and conversations are planned to make our community more dementia friendly

Click here to find out more.


The Hub Council is recruiting volunteers to join us and ensure that Westside neighbourhoods are places where seniors can thrive. We work collaboratively with Hub Partners on projects such as Dementia Ventures.  


For more information, please click here.  


Enabling Connections...A Tablet Lending Library 


South Granville Seniors Centre

& Many Partners

“The four elements of the Enabling Connections program are: a tablet lending library, digital literacy mentoring, a virtual senior’s centre, and knowledge sharing with other organizations. The Enabling Connections project is focused on creating connections between individuals and creating a sense of community and mutual support, peer to peer.” Project launched May 6, 2021.

Information here

FAQ here


The Seniors Centre offers a monthly Happy Memories Café that is a safe place to share your experiences, participate in discussions and build lasting friendships.

Click here for information. 


Dunbar Residents Association & Kitsilano Neighbourhood House

The Fireweed Club is a collaborative project bringing a variety of free outdoor activities to seniors on the westside. These activities are open to any seniors who want to stay active, socialize and build relationships. People living with memory loss or other invisible challenges are welcome to come by themselves or to bring their friends and care partners. The Club seeks participants, program leaders and volunteers all year. More information here.

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