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    Peter Delaney Peter retired from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans after 35 years of service as a fisheries biologist and manager. During that time, he served for several years on Boards supporting local sport organizations (e.g., Vancouver Youth Soccer Association) and schools. For his retirement he volunteers at the Museum of Anthropology and Westside Seniors Hub, a past-Director at the Dunbar Community Centre, referee’s youth soccer on the weekends, plays lots of pickleball, and enjoys a number of other hobbies. Peter’s family moved to the Dunbar area in 1962, and throughout that time he watched the services, growth and opportunities change over the years. His mother lived in their home for over 50 years, well in to her 90’s. This provided him with the opportunity to help her with the challenges of aging, living on her own, and looking for services to maintain her needs. “The Westside Seniors Hub has provided me with an opportunity to work with others in finding ways for seniors and their caregivers to fulfill their lives as best they can.” Close

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    Jean Lofthouse I grew up in Kitsilano and still reside here. I worked as Community Relations and Service Quality Manager for the BC Govt, Social Development Ministry and retired in 2017 after 35 years of public service. I now spend time painting, enjoying theatre, dance, music and travel. I also spend time with a sister with Alzheimers and a friend with dementia. I find value in trying to improve the quality of their lives, and I learn so much from them on a daily basis. I joined the WSH Council in 2021, and am grateful for the important work it does and the connections made. Close

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    Cole Dudley From 'flower power' advocating to government program managing; from art to bookkeeping, my working life (both paid and volunteer) was diverse. In the range of jobs over the years, my focus has been on women's rights, the environment, and housing. Now that I have retired, I am adding to the list those matters that affect seniors' well-being and lifestyle. I am excited to be a part of the Westside Seniors Hub where we work together in developing resources and supporting systems for seniors. And I can't forget art - always a part of my life. Right now, it is photography. I have a large selection of nature photographs which I have sold at craft fairs and independently. I love to search through gardens and fields looking for just the right image with light, colour, shape, and view. Close

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