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  • Dementia Ventures | Westside Seniors Hub

    BUILDING CAPACITY Dementia Ventures is building community capacity to include people living with dementia and their care partners in meaningful activities! When communities provide diverse opportunities for these people to engage, they can remain vibrant contributors to community life well beyond a dementia diagnosis. Living with dementia shall include pursuing one’s passions! ​Dementia Ventures invites you to get involved in creating a more inclusive community and increasing social citizenship for people living with dementia. ​ Join us in adapting current programs or creating new ones that are inclusive and enable people living with dementia to socialize according to their interests. Westside Seniors Hub Partner Organizations have a variety of opportunities underway to be more inclusive. Join any of our current projects described here . There are opportunities for anyone to help make communities more dementia-friendly. ​ Get Involved Current Hub Partners Projects SoundBytes Series Fireweed Club News & Events Resources ​ WE NEED DIVERSE PARTNERS TO HELP BUILD CAPACITY FOR GREATER INCLUSION! Everyone's skills and experiences can make a difference. Perhaps you are experiencing cognitive difficulties a care partner a program leader a professional working with seniors a motivated volunteer YOU can assist Hub Partner Organizations develop appealing and sustainable arts , social , fitness and volunteer activities. ​ Hub Partners want people living with dementia and their care partners to express their needs and desires. Partners also need the assistance of program leaders, motivated volunteers, and professionals working with seniors. THE BIGGER PICTURE... COLLECTIVE ACTION BY ELDERS AND THEIR CARE PARTNERS From 2019-2023, the Westside Seniors Hub is focusing on Dementia Ventures in collaboration with the University of British Columbia and Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Find out more about the UBC and Lakehead University research team members here . The Public Health Agency of Canada is funding the umbrella project called Building Capacity for Meaningful Participation by People Living With Dementia . It is one of the first community-based research projects funded under a 2019 Agency comprehensive plan: A Dementia Strategy for Canada .

  • Housing for Seniors | Westside Seniors Hub

    HOUSING FOR SENIORS Affordable rentals are currently difficult to find in Vancouver. Ask anyone who is looking for studio or 1-to-3-bedroom apartments or condos, and they have stories to tell! Numerous development permit applications have been submitted for Westside locations, but new buildings, even those with a percentage of below-market rental units, are not yet ready for tenants. When their tenancy is threatened or ended, many elderly tenants on fixed incomes are unable to relocate anywhere near their former homes, even temporarily. What are Westside Seniors Hub members doing about housing for seniors? January 2024 A questionnaire circulated by WSH Council to its Partner Organizations produced: A Snapshot: What Partner Organizations are Seeing, Hearing and Doing February 2024 Council prepared some briefing materials to inform WSH Partners: Selected Housing Navigation Supports & Trainings and Selected Recommendations from UWBC’s Aging in Uncertainty: The Growing Housing Crisis for BC Seniors report (Nov 2023) & IRPP’s Affordability Action Council report (Feb 2024) Entire UWBC Healthy Aging report Aging in Uncertainty and City of Vancouver Seniors’ Housing Strategy: What We Heard report (July 2023) February 21, 2024 Representatives from a dozen WSH Partner organizations met at a Quarterly Partners’ meeting to discuss seniors’ housing affordability . They were joined by guests from the City of Vancouver, City’s Older Persons & Elders Advisory Committee, Healthy Aging United Way BC, Hey Neighbour Collective & SFU Housing Solutions Lab, Premier’s Legislative Office, Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House, and South Vancouver Seniors Network. Presentations at Quarterly meeting: Healthy Aging UWBC presentation by Dr. Laura Kadowaki and Dr. Beverley Pitman City of Vancouver Older Persons & Elders Advisory Committee (OPEAC) by Dr. Marc White SFU Housing Solutions Lab Exploring Housing Options for Older Adults concepts discussed by Michelle Hoar March 1, 2024 Council prepared a resource list: Housing Resources Referenced at Quarterly Housing meeting March 25, 2024 Council circulated: Seniors Housing Issues for Action: Follow-up to 2024 Q1 Partners’ Meeting April 18, 2024 The City of Vancouver’s draft Seniors’ Housing Strategy was released for public feedback. You are invited to comment at here until May 16, 2024.

  • Current Hub Partner Projects | Westside Seniors Hub

    CURRENT HUB PARTNERS' PROJECTS Dementia Ventures i s a commitment by the Westside Seniors Hub Partner Organizations to offer diverse activities for people living with dementia and their care partners. These activities are designed to: reduce stigma sustain quality of life ​ The projects listed below are partially funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada via the Building Capacity for Meaningful Participation by People Living with Dementia umbrella project. Current Hub Partner project planning began in early 2020 and is evolving all the time! ​ For more information, click on a category below to learn more, or click on a Partner's name for their contact information. ​ COMMUNITY CONVERSATIONS Hub Partners want to foster more inclusive communities . They engage a wide range of community members in plans and conversations to build and change programs, and increase awareness. ​ These Partners are currently working on projects to achieve those objectives. If you can participate in their projects, please click on the Partner's name and contact them directly. ​ Translink Awareness-Building Placards Thanks to an Implementation Fund grant from the Building Capacity for Meaningful Participation by People Living with Dementia project, the Hub’s Council has placed 210 awareness-building placards inside TransLink buses in Metro Vancouver during the summer. The three different designs developed by Building Capacity project team members Samantha Pineda Sierra and Heather Neale Furneaux, quote Action Committee members with lived experience from a special initiative known as The Flipping Stigma Project . These members’ comments reflect on what it feels like to be discriminated against because of their dementia. The campaign aims to increase awareness and encourage open and respectful conversations about living with dementia. Even if you don’t travel on public buses, you will want to take a look HERE at these engaging placards. ​ Kitsilano Community Centre Association offers a variety of physical, social, and multicultural programming sponsored two Memory Cafés in October aimed at gathering programming needs and ideas from people experiencing dementia and care partners Community Needs Assessment Group sponsored two Memory Cafés to gather community members' perspectives. An insightful report summarizes responses and diverse strategies for next steps in programming. steps forward ​ ​ West Point Grey United Church TLC (The Lunch Club) A program for seniors and people with dementia in the west side of Vancouver. A Four Part Series with educational component and group discussions. ​ Pacific Spirit United Church Congregation members at Pacific Spirit United Church created an insightful four-part series looking at dementia from a community perspective. It's called Beacon *shining light on Dementia and is available online here . ​ PROGRAM PLANNING Hub Partners are adapting existing programs to be more inclusive and planning new programs. They appreciate having community members participate at every stage - planning, implementing and sustaining - to build community capacity. If you can participate at any stage of program planning or implementation, please click on the name of a Hub Partner below for their project description and contact them directly. ​ A.S.K. Friendship Centre develop programs & design space purchase art supplies to diversify programs ​ Dunbar Residents Association identify assets & gaps in services for seniors adapt Salmonberry Days for inclusive programming organize Fireweed Club for outdoor activities in Balaclava Park, including development of a pollinator garden ​ Kitsilano Neighbourhood House promote dementia awareness with staff and volunteer trainings convene a focus group to include the voices of people living with dementia and care partners in meaningful activities engage Business Improvement Areas (BIA) in a series of dialogues ​ South Granville Seniors Centre Two Happy Memories Cafés English-language Café brochure here Spanish-language Café brochure here ​ Collaborative Project - Fireweed Club helping provide transportation to bring participants to outdoor events. opportunities to connect with the larger community and build new connections with people living with dementia in the community. summer schedule of activities in Vancouver's westside parks and plazas here included outings in ASK Society's van DISCOVERING COMMUNITY ASSETS These projects focus on identifying community members and services that can help build capacity to offer meaningful opportunities and adapt existing services to be more inclusive. ​ If you can participate in building capacity, please click on the Hub Partner's name for their contact them directly. ​ The Building Capacity Project - Dementia Ventures Offers engaging programs in order to help organizations make existing offerings more inclusive. Informs future policies and priorities in community and health settings for dementia inclusive communities. ​ Westside Seniors Hub - Transportation Initiative Model Programs that explore van-sharing and public transit challenges and solutions for seniors. ​ Westside Seniors Hub Develop a website to showcase Partners' projects and opportunities to get involved Invite diverse community members to become involved Collaborate with UBC Centre for Community Engaged Learning students involved as Community Action Mobilizers to conduct asset-mapping of Vancouver's westside neighbourhoods and promote community resilience planning for shocks & stressors

  • Past Projects | Westside Seniors Hub

    PAST PROJECTS DEMENTIA VENTURES September 2023 - March 2025 Additional PHAC funding allows Dementia Ventures projects to deepen their impact. Initiatives elsewhere in BC will involve people living with dementia and community members to create new engagement programs, and result in publication of an Action Guide that offers insights for communities building capacity for greater social citizenship by people experiencing dementia. DEMENTIA VENTURES - BUILDING CAPACITY PROJECT September 2019 - March 2023 Building Capacity for Meaningful Participation by People Living with Dementia , an initiative funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), aimed to enable people with dementia to participate in community life as full social citizens. The project was a partnership between researchers at the University of British Columbia and Lakehead University, and their community partners: members of the Westside Seniors Hub in Vancouver and the Northwest Dementia Working Group in Thunder Bay, a coalition of people with lived experience, care partners, and researchers. In Vancouver, where the initiative is known as Dementia Ventures, six Hub Partners implemented programs that created opportunities for active involvement of people with dementia, such as a virtual memory café, a buddy program, outdoor activities, and discussions among faith-based congregations. Read more about Dementia Ventures here and Hub Partners’ stories here . CYCLING WITHOUT AGE EVENT September 28, 201 9 Cycling Without Age Vancouver, in association with Kitsilano Neighbourhood House and the Westside Seniors Hub, are hosting safe and scenic trishaw rides along the Arbutus Greenway on September 28th from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Trishaws are three-wheeled cycles where you sit in the front and experienced pilots pedal you from behind. Our mission is to break the elderly free from social isolation. Make them smile. Make new memories. And let them be part of society again and thereby renew their appetite for life itself. We give them the right to wind in their hair. Cycling Without Age is based on generosity and kindness. Event HUbBYTES NEWSLETTERS July, September, November 2019 and re-launched December 2021 - present In 2019 Hub Council began compiling resources of potential value to Hub Partner Organizations that we encountered as we attended events and made community contacts. The MailChimp illustrated newsletters are now sent out quarterly to Hub Partners and community members who sign up. Read current and past editions and sign up here . DEMENTIA PROJECT - HUB FIRST STEPS TOGETHER October-November 2018 Hub Council convened a working group of representatives from Partner Organizations to discuss and decide upon actions to be taken after a presentation about Alzheimer cafés and other dementia-friendly initiatives. At two meetings, some Guiding Principles were drafted. First Steps Together 2017-2018 WALK AND BE SEEN CAMPAIGN The 2017-2018 Vancouver Walk and Be Seen (WBS) campaign was a great success! The finale held in March included presentations by Safety Ambassadors from 17 organizations from Metro Vancouver. Seniors were involved in organizing neighbourhood Walk and Be Seen projects. For those who attended the finale, there was no doubt that many were Proud to be Seniors and Proud to be Seen-iors! During the campaign, volunteer Ambassadors spoke to seniors in their communities about pedestrian safety and the benefits of increasing their visibility in low-light conditions by wearing reflective or light-emitting gear. The comments, stories and survey results collected in this campaign clearly showed grassroots support for increased pedestrian visibility. 2018 WBS Report FORUM ON SENIORS HOUSING ON THE WESTSIDE OF VANCOUVER July 2017 The Westside Seniors Hub, through the Jewish Family Services Agency, received a grant from Vancouver Coastal Health to research seniors housing on the Westside of Vancouver. A researcher interviewed more than forty stakeholders, from housing experts to seniors with housing issues. The report Seniors Housing on the Westside of Vancouver is based on these interviews. The Hub then organized a half-day Housing Forum on April 26, 2017 to further explore housing issues with those interviewed and important stakeholders. The Forum included panel presentations on housing innovation by leaders from Kitsilano Neighbourhood House, the United Way of the Lower Mainland, LaneFab and Calling Ministries, and 36 participants joined two consecutive groups to explore key issues and formulate recommendations. Forum Report 2016-2017 WALK AND BE SEEN PILOT PROJECT Walk and Be Seen (WBS) was a volunteer pilot project on the Westside of Vancouver involving senior pedestrians. It was designed to promote walking during low-light conditions while wearing reflective apparel in response to statistics that show senior pedestrians experiencing the highest number of fatalities from collisions in Vancouver. The project registered 132 participants who agreed to wear free reflective gear (cloth sash or LED slapband), tally walks of any length, and provide feedback. Upon completion, 79 registrants completed a survey and provided comments. An Action Mini-Grant (VGH Trauma Services, Vancouver Coastal Health) provided initial funding with Kitsilano Neighbourhood House, Mountain Equipment Coop, the Jewish Family Services Agency, and WalkMetroVan contributing additional funds and administrative support. 2017 WBS Report 10th AVENUE HEALTH PRECINCT PLANNING UPDATES May 2017 The City of Vancouver Transportation Department undertook a two-phase public consultation process in 2015-2016 regarding redesign proposals for the West 10th Avenue ‘Health Precinct’ (Cambie to Oak Streets). Seniors, persons with disabilities, and many stakeholders provided feedback on those proposals. The Hub noted a few significant design changes as a result of citizen input. NATIONAL SENIORS DAY FAIR October 2015 Event ELDER ABUSE INFORMATION WORKSHOP June 2015 Event DEMENTIA-FRIENDLY TRAINING SESSIONS April 2015 A series of three training sessions with presenters from the Alzheimer Society of BC were arranged and offered to staff and volunteers of Hub Partner organizations and the general public. Report

  • Join the Hub | Westside Seniors Hub

    JOIN THE HUB There are many ways to become involved in the Hub. We are always looking for new members. BECOME A PARTNER ​ If you are a public, non-profit, or faith-based organization that serves seniors on Vancouver’s Westside, we would like to collaborate with you! JOIN THE HUB COUNCIL ​ Learn more about our Westside Seniors Hub Council, composed of volunteer seniors or those who work with seniors. We are continuously recruiting for new members. JOIN COMMITTEES Hub Committees are issue-based, action-oriented groups made up of representatives from the Council, Partner Organizations, and community. From 2015-2019 we had 3 active committees working on various projects : health & wellness; access & mobility and communications. Given the holistic approach of our current project, Dementia Ventures, committee members are now working together to address issues collaboratively. Learn about our Hub Partners Contact us to become a Partner Learn about the Hub Council Contact us to join the Hub Learn about Hub Committees Opportunities to get involved

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    We'd love to know what you think! Name Your email address What two or three words come to mind when viewing this image? How does this image impact the way you think about Dementia? Would you like to know more about Dementia? Yes No Not sure SUBMIT

  • Newsletter | Westside Seniors Hub

    NEWSLETTER HubBytes is t he Westside Seniors Hub's newsletter. It profiles key initiatives of the Hub's Partner Organizations and flags current issues, events and innovations that may be of interest to seniors. After a pandemic-induced hiatus of two years, we aim to publish HubBytes quarterly starting with Winter 2021-2022 . To view copies of HubBytes newsletters or subscribe, please click here

  • Inclusive Community | Westside Seniors Hub

    CARE PARTNERS YOU can help reveal challenges that need to be addressed create activities that fit with your needs as well as those you care for offer ideas for innovative initiatives participate in community conversations To partners, relatives, friends or professionals regularly involved in providing care for a person living with dementia: ​ Your voice is needed in planning and implementing activities that are feasible and engaging. Hub Partners would like to hear from you! ​ Visit the Current Hub Partner Projects page to see which project is most attractive and contact the Partner sponsoring it

  • Help Lines | Westside Seniors Hub

    Help Lines Top HELP LINES Click on the buttons below. bc211 Information & Referral 311 City of Vancouver 811 BC Health Link BC Seniors' Advocate Dementia Ventures - FirstLink® SOTM: Seniors Transportation Options SAIL: Seniors Abuse & Information Line Greater Vancouver Seniors Distress Lines Ability 411 Assistive Technologies & Equipment AssistList: Home Health Equipment Exchange BC211 PROVINCE-WIDE INFORMATION & REFERRAL SERVICES 24/7 bc211 is a British Columbia, non-profit organization that provides a free, confidential, multilingual (160 languages) information about community, government and social services in BC. As a response to COVID-19, bc211 accepts applications for the Safe Seniors, Strong Communities program, both from seniors wanting help and from volunteers willing to step up and help with non-medical needs. ​ Multilingual : Yes (160 languages) Hours : 24/7 Contact: Dial: 211 Text: 211 Web: Twitter: @bc211Help Email: ​ Return to top bc211 311 City of Vancouver 311 CITY OF VANCOUVER Help line within the City for seeking information about operations and services or to report problems. ​ During COVID-19 only use 311 for urgent requests or language interpretation. Otherwise use online chat and email at City website. ​ Multilingual : Yes ​ Hours : 7am to 10pm daily Live chat 9am-4pm ​ Contact: Dial 311 within Metro Vancouver. Outside Vancouver: 604-873-7000 App: VanConnect Web: vancouver.aspx ​ Return to top DEMENTIA VENTURES FIRST LINK ® DEMENTIA HELPLINE If you have questions about Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias, call the Alzheimer Society of B.C.'s First Link® Dementia Helpline for information and support (toll-free): ​ Dial: - English: 1-800-936-6033 (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.) - Cantonese and Mandarin: 1-833-674-5007 (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) - Punjabi: 1-833-674-5003 (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) Web: ​ Return to top FirstLink Dementia Helpline 811 HealthLinkBC 811 HEALTHLINK BC 811 is a free-of-charge provincial health information and advice phone line available in British Columbia to speak to a health service navigator, who can help you find non-emergency health information and services; or connect you directly with a registered nurse, a registered dietitian, a qualified exercise professional, or a pharmacist. ​ Multilingual : Yes (130 languages) For translated resources in French, Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Punjabi, Spanish and Vietnamesego to Hours : 24/7 ​ Contact: Dial: 811 Web: For nursing services: For dietitian services : For pharmacist services: For qualified exercise professionals: ​ Return to top SENIORS ON THE MOVE TRANSPORTATION OPTIONS Need help getting around British Columbia? This is an initiative of B.E.S.T. (Better Environmentally Sound Transportation). You can find various transportation options: public transit, HandyDart, as well as community shuttle services, taxis and private driver services,volunteer ride programs, and walking groups in various regions of the province.. ​ Web here : ​ Return to top STAR BCC SENIORS ADVOCATE Speak with an Information & Referral analyst or consult website about health care, housing, income supports, personal supports, transportation. Seniors’ services research reports and Long-term Care Quick Facts Directory. Provide feedback on seniors’ services. Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday (except statutory holidays) Contact: Dial: toll-free 1-877-952-3181 or in Victoria 250-952-3181 Web: ​ Return to top BC Seniors Advocate SENIORS ABUSE & INFORMATION LINE (SAIL) SAIL is a province-wide confidential service for older adults, and those who care about them, to talk to a trained intake worker about abuse or mistreatment. Seniors will receive information and support about issues that impact their health and wellbeing. Multilingual: Yes, upon request (180 languages) Hours: 8am-8pm 7 days/week (excluding holidays) ​ Contact: Dial: 604-437-1940 or toll-free 1-866-437-1940 TTY equipment: 604-428-3359 or toll-free 1-855-306-1443 Web: ​ Return to top Seniors Abuse & Information Line (SAIL) CRISIS CENTRE OF BC Immediate access to barrier-free, non-judgmental, confidential support and follow-up to youth, adults, and seniors throughout 24/7 phone lines and online services. The Distress Services program provides support to vulnerable individuals across British Columbia. Multilingual: Yes (140 languages) Hours: 24/7 distress phone line and online chat services between noon and 1:00am Contact: Dial: Vancouver Coastal Regional Distress Line: 604-872-3311 Anywhere in BC 1-800-SUICIDE: 1-800-784-2433 Mental Health Support Line: 310-6789 Web: Chat: Adults: (Noon to 1am) ​ Return to top Crisis Centre of BC Ability 411 ABILITY 411 Web-based service for answers to questions and practical information about technologies, tools and equipment that increase independence and wellbeing for BC seniors, and support their families and care teams. Multilingual: Use an online translation app Web: Ask a question ​ AssistList ASSIST LIST “Helping simplify the exchange of home health equipment for our community” with blog, resources and searchable database of equipment listings , …”facilitating safe exchanges across Metro Vancouver by creating a network of Community Exchange Zones to help us facilitate safe exchanges across Metro Vancouver. ” Non-profit operated by staff and volunteers; funded by partners and donors. Multilingual: Use an online translation app Hours: equipment list is available 24/7 here Contact: online here with questions

  • Resources | Westside Seniors Hub

    RESOURCES We also provide selected resources here for Dementia Ventures , since that was the Hub's principal focus in 2019-2023. An extension of Building Capacity project funding enables some Hub Partners to deepen their projects 2023-2025. Understanding & living with dementia Guides for inclusive Programming Tools for Engagement Research Reports & Data

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